OLA is for Horse Lovers!

For those of you who don't know, I love horses!
All shapes, colors, breeds, & sizes!
This love affair came about when I was just a child.
I wasn't always able to be around them,
but for the past 8 years or so,
I've been lucky enough to pass my time with
Quincy, a sorrel quarter horse gelding.
So, being a horse person, & an OLA seller,
I thought I'd see what I could find for
"horse people" on OLA!

And if you are a horse person, too,
you know that horses come with a lot of STUFF!
Let me show you today just what kind of
bargain hunting you can do at OnlineAuction.com...
Click on the photos to get all the details!

First, you need a HORSE!
Check out this gelding...
and yes,
he is for sale on OLA!
Seller: ulbnvus

Wanna be a cowboy?
(Or a cowgirl?)
You need a saddle!
This one is for sale
from bnp2007,
& you can get a bridle,
from this seller, too!

A halter is a necessity,
& we like our rope halter
for easy bathing & grooming.
This one is available
from ShiloFarms.com!

And every cowboy
or cowgirl
needs a proper
cowboy hat!
You'll find a nice selection
of hats & apparel at

Don't forget your horse...
this fly sheet is custom-made
to your specifications from

From Curiocache,
a fantastic learning tool,
Getting The Most
From Your Riding Lessons.
(Yes, you should take a few!)

And once you've mastered
the basics, move on to
Dressage Principles For
The Western Horse And Rider
by Lynn Palm,
a highly respected trainer!
Available from CascosCorner.

Then you'll be ready
for the show ring!
You'll be traveling,
so you'll also be needing
these trailor ties
from RockinW!

This is just a small sample of what you can find in
the Equestrian section at OLA!
Be sure to stop by Fleapirates Plunder while you're there!


Supergranny said...

Flea, you really are of the "horsey" set. While I was reading your post, I started getting flashes of years WAY gone by.....me with friends at a riding stable going for a ride. Needlesstosay, I requested a very slow horse......well, I got one. Any sort of a brief pause and this ole nag (that's horse speak for old & tired) would list towards the nearest object for a few winks of shuteye. Come to think of it, she reminded me of the ole horse ridden by Lee Marvin in the 1965 movie Cat Ballou.

As a result, I returned to the stables well after all the others with nary a sore on my rump!

Fleapirates said...

LMAO! I've got LOTS of good horse stories, SG!