Speed up the listing process!

We've all been there;
you come home with a bunch of great new treasures
to list at your auction site, and,
BAM!, it hits you...
this is gonna be a lot of work!

Well, here's your OLA Tuesday Tidbit,
courtesy of Rowen, a.k.a. Ragmop:

Now a member can list one after
another without starting them,
(they will go to the saved folder).
The member can then go to the saved folder,
check the box at the bottom of the page
labeled Select/Unselect All
and then from the select action box
they select Start Selected.

This method can also be used to ‘bulk’ cancel,
turn auto relist on, and turn auto relist off!

What a time-saver!
This will be especially useful for me, when I get
serious about listing all my baseball cards!
(I have thousands...Rolling eyes smiley Pictures, Images and Photos )

For the fastest listing times,
be sure to make yourself a template!
You can have many templates, and create unique
designs to showcase specific
items / categories in your store,
or just start with a general template or two,
and use it for each and every listing.

The possibilities are endless... and all up to you!

Going away? Beach vacation smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
This bulk edit option will let you store all that
hard work in the saved folder until your return.
Don't be gone too long, though...
the system purges itself in about 90 days!
(And you'll be missed!)

Check back next week for another

And check out Fleapirates Tuesday Treasure!
Artesania Rinconada # 158 Cockatoo Figurine - Vintage!
(Click the photo to visit the auction.)



CurioCache said...

Awesome ideas!! And, I LOVE the horse blog - thanks!!! OLA (and of course Fleapirates!!) ROCKS!!

Supergranny said...

Flea, Curio is right - awesome ideas - I love your "horse sense". Keep it up...........

I tried to post on Cap'n P'nuts blog but it won't let me - says I am not a member or some such - what do you s'pose that means?

Fleapirates said...

SG, I sent her instructions to fix that. Try again tomorrow - so will I! :)

Supergranny said...

WELLLLLLL, it's Tuesday.....where is our next Tuesday Tip, hmmmmmm?

Don't ya just hate when somebody remembers what they read? What's really funny is that it is very RARELY me:):):)