Calling Collectors!

Calling coin collectors!

Calling souvenir spoon collectors!

Calling silver collectors!

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is in it's final moments!
You have until 4pm pst on Saturday Feb 21st
to snag some outstanding deals!

Bargains galore!

Here are FLEAPIRATES weekly specials,
still at below-market pricing!
(Click on the title to view the auction.)

Austria 1928 Silver 2 Schilling Schubert
This coin is from Austria,
Republik Oesterreich1928
~ Silver 2 Schilling ~
Featuring Franz Schubert.
In excellent condition!
I am not a coin dealer - this coin has NOT been graded.
Clean, with well-defined markings, and very little wear.
Looks like it was not widely circulated.

1932 Venezia 800 Silver Enamel Spoon
Beautiful enamel spoon, dated 1932, (engraved).
The handle of this spoon features a winged lion,
with the word VENEZIA.
The winged lion was the traditional symbol of the Apostles,
and eventually became the logo of the Venetian Republic.
The bowl of the spoon features the
Piazza of San Marco, (St. Mark's Square).S
t. Mark is Venice's patron saint.
This spoon is in excellent condition!

HURRY... there's still time to place your bid!

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