OLA Tuesday Tidbit for 2/17/2009

Well, we had a bit of a melt down
on the OLA servers last Thursday!

Did any of you try to visit the homepage
& receive the Down For Maintenance message?

What did you do?
Me... I went to the OLA-Radio show,
which is now broadcasted on ustream.tv !

Thankfully, our dedicated staff had the site
back up & running before the night was through!

Our users, however, have had a few issues since the episode,
with auction information disappearing / reverting.
I have a fix... straight from Rowen, in OLA's Support Dept!

There are possibilites of edited information not retaining.
To avoid this, cancel the auction.
Then go to canceled folder & do a sell similar,
edit that page accordingly,
and then start it.

Rowen & I have also had discussions about
topics such as SEO and Keywords.
Here's an example of how to create a listing,
using the title/subtitle/description to your advantage!

The title & the first part of the sub title should match.
Tthen the description should start with the same wording.
Title: 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback

Subtitle: 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback
:351 Clevland engine with four bolt mains

Description: 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback
:351 Clevland engine with four bolt mains, plus after market
stereo system and factory original interior, in mint condition.

They all start the same,
though end differently,
so the search engines will index them together,
(as being all pertinent),
achieving a better index to add to your back link indexes.

All your blogs pertaining to individual listings
should match what is in the listing to get better indexing.

If any OLA members have questions about this,
or other OLA activities,
there are a host of people ready & waiting to help you!

Here are some help lines:

This is the OLA telephone number,
and YES, you'll be able to talk to a live person!

This is a link to the OLA Chat Forum,
where you'll find many users who are knowledgeable
& willing to help on a variety of topics!
Like me!
(You can contact me anytime & I'll do what I can!)

This valued OLA member offers
live help via
Contact James, at BeverlyJ, to find out when the next
OLA Help Line will be available!
(Personalized help is available by special request.)
NOTE: Please sign up for a Talkshoe account
and not login as a guest.
Here is the link to the OLA Help Line:

Thank you, Rowen, for all the
"words of wisdom" for this week!

thanks smiley Pictures, Images and Photos


Artesania Rinconada # 253F Baby Unicorn Figurine,
in yellow, a vintage find from Montevideo, Uruguay!

On Classic Auction format,
with a starting bid of only $18.99!
Isn't he cute???

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