Self Promotion for Small Sellers

Do you sell product online?
Your own website or a community venue?
If so, then I am guessing self promotion
is high on your list of "things to do"!

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It doesn't matter where you sell...
the more effort you put into self promotion,
the better your chances are of being seen & getting sales.

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So what do you do?

There are many opportunities to self promote!

I will list some of the ones that I have tried,
& I hope you'll join in by adding some that I didn't mention!
Or give me your thoughts on the ones talked about!

I hope that because you're reading MY blog,
you already know how invaluable blogs are!
Search engine spiders love the updated content,
& tend to keep relevant content situated
at the top of their search engine results.
BUT... did you know you could "PING" your blog?
I didn't even know what that was!
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Simply put, you can let the search engines
know that you've updated your blog by sending
them a "ping"... a reminder to check you out!
Read more about this at Wikepedia:

And thank you, Supergranny, for recommending them!

Link referral is a place I am just learning about!
You place your store url, and participate in their
reviews of other seller's sites, and your rank grows.
Oodle is a fantastic, fast growing website,
that allows you to list your individual items for sale,
and link to your store for completion of purchase!
Users are finding their items at
THE TOP of the search engine pages!
User-friendly and easy!
Another new venue for me...
basically a social networking site!
Allows you to stay in touch with friends,
family, colleagues, & buyers,
while promoting your items, your store or your blog!

Is anyone a facebook member?
I'd love to hear from you!
In the past, it seemed like facebook was a site
limited to the young.. not anymore!
Tell me how it works for you!

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So, OLA members, that's your
Tuesday Tidbit!
Ragmop must be busy...
I didn't get any Words of Wisdom today!
LOL! Lol smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

But be sure to check back next Tuesday,
because he's rarely out of things to say!
Just teasin' Ragmop... you're the best source of OLA info!

And now..

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Supergranny said...

Flea, I always wait with baited breath for your Tuesday Tidbit and this was a good one.

Anywhere you can leave a post on someones blog with your link is just getting your link out there and gets a higher ranking. Actually there are some very interesting blogs out there. Did you leave my link in your blog when you mentioned my name? :)

For instance, the links you mentioned above probably all have blogs - go leave a blurb or two on those or a magazine site or political or wow, the sky is the limit.

Trouble is, it's hard enough to get your colleagues to post let alone posting elsewhere out there. The Internet is the information highway!! and open for us all to go cruise..........

Fleapirates said...

"Did you leave my link in your blog when you mentioned my name?"

I DID NOW! roflol!

Thanks, Supergranny!