Have you checked out the OLA Wednesday Wave?

Have you checked out the OLA Wednesday Wave?

I've been playing the Wave for some time now. It's an evening of socializing with fellow sellers and buyers, and a chance to offer some specials, nab some deals, and motivate people to browse my store. Sounds pretty good, eh?

A weekly event, the Wednesday Wave is hosted by TheRoyalTreasures and Raggy-Lady, with back-up hosting provided by DraggonTagger. This week featured 26 participants. I've seen that number go as high as 40 - 45 people, however, and the atmosphere is always welcoming, in hopes of attracting a larger crowd! Perhaps this week, people were busy starting their summer activities... whatever the case, it was still a successful night. In total, there were 133 items either sold, or bid on during the game.

There's always a prize awarded to the participant who catches the most waves, (ie; makes the most bids/buys). Each week one member donates the prize. This was my week. I purchased a $25 Starbucks gift card, and was fortunate to have my local Starbucks donate a coffee mug as a bonus! Many thanks to the Starbucks on Central Ave in Highland Park, IL!

Our winner this week was Rodbusterscubadog, with 16 waves!

Special mention goes to the_trove2, who ended the night with 43 bids/buys! WOW! Everyone should stop by this lady's store, because she's obviously putting up some great stuff for sale. (And as a past customer, I can recommend her quality merchandise and great service!)

Personally, I'd like to see the Wednesday Wave grow to include 50+ participants each week. What fun, chatting and bargaining with that large a group! Many of the sellers offer discounts and freebies, but having a special is not mandatory to participate in the game. The only requirement for inclusion in the game is to make a purchase from one of the participating sellers in the game. (You may make as many purchases as your wallet will allow, but one purchase fulfills your obligation!)

What do you need to shop for next week? Most Wednesdays we have sellers offering a wide range of products, from soap and candles, to edible goodies and homemade crafts, to assorted advertising, packing and mailing supplies, and both new and vintage jewelry and collectibles. We'd love to have new members join us for this special evening of camaraderie and fun!

The Wednesday Wave info and sign-ups are located in the OLA Chat Foru
m, under the Special Sales Events and Weekly Games section. Hope to see you there!

Here's one item in my store that didn't get swooped up last night...

I think this gorgeous crackle glass cruet is from the Rainbow Glass Co. There is no sticker, but it was common practice years ago to remove the stickers from the bottom. It is the stopper that led me to Rainbow Glass, as this particular style was offered by their company. This cruet is in excellent vintage condition! I find no chips or breaks, and no evidence of any prior repairs. A beautiful collector piece. It is green... I'd call it an emerald green. Measures 6 1/2 inches tall, including the stopper. The cruet without the stopper is 4 1/2 inches tall. Total width is about 3 3/4 inches. Weighs 9 ounces.


Supergranny said...

Well, Flea, it would be fun to have over 50 play. I haven't played for awhile and will again but want to get some new items listed...heaven knows I have many many things to get listed. We're having lots of company this summer so have been busy just keeping up with the things you have to do to have company come. You are so clever and smart with all your links. I wonder if I remember how...

Have a delicious day!!

Sunflower Ranch said...

Flea!! Great post!! Like Supergranny, we've had a lot of family things going on and summer visitors, so my own participation in the Wave this late spring has been spotty at best. We've also had T-storms and I'm a scaredy-cat and always shut down the puter when we have a storm.

But when I do go, it's so easy to pick up so many good bargains! I always buy more than I intend. LOL Everyone is so friendly and will bend over backwards to make a good deal for you.

I promise I'll get a few more items listed and be there next week! Thanks for the great reminder and see you on the Wave! :D