OLA Radio Challenge!

One of the reasons I am such a loyal member of OnlineAuction.com is because of our members! We have a team of outstanding sellers who are committed to the success of all. You will regularly reap the benefits of various members who have organized site-wide sales, envisioned new ways to advertise, shared their knowledge with others, and created avenues to have fun while doing business. They know who they are, so I'll just say thanks for all you do!

The latest news is a challenge issued by OLA-Radio.

Dave White, our OLA-Radio broadcaster, and MetzyMom, his co-host, have challenged every OLA member to the following, (copied from the OLA Chat Forums):


Do not go out and buy something from the store.
Do not go looking for it at a garage sale or flea market.
It should be something you already have.
Unusual or Odd are relative terms... what may be odd and/or unusual for you, may not be odd and/or unusual for someone else. So to qualify as odd/unusual, IT SHOULD BE DIFFERENT FROM WHAT YOU NORMALLY OR REGULARLY SELL.

For instan
ce, I make and sell soap, so I wouldn't list a health and beauty product. (That's Metzy!) Get out of your comfort zone and category!!!

List as many items as you like, but choose only one auction for this challenge. List it as a 7 day auction. There is no price minimum or maximum. Be sure to use the 72/50 SEO/SEM formula (no more than 72 characters in the title, no more than 50 characters in the subtitle, be sure to use words from the title so they form the first part of the trio, and be sure that all the words from your title are used in your listing). Be sure to include a link in your auction back to your storefront.

Need some incentive? Check this listing out... http://www.onlineauction.com/index.php?page=auction:view_item&auction_id=970363
That item is REALLY unusual... and because it's already listed, it can't compete... lol...
List the link here so that we can all see it and vote on it at the next Thursday Night LIVE OLA RADIO Show!!!

Oh Yeah... There is a prize!!! The winner of this contest will receive:
1. Your advertising banner or logo on the OLA RADIO site and on MetzyMoms.com. Both of these
sites are Google Ranked and part of the Knockout Software family. Your banner or logo will appear for 30 days.
2. Dave White will help you make a 30 second commercial and it will run for 30 days on the OLA Radio Program (not just the LIVE show, but it will be in the archived shows as well).

So look around your house, yard, and garage... find something unusual or odd... list it for a 7 day auction... put the link here in this thread... and then attend the LIVE OLA RADIO Show to vote and see who wins!!!

**Winner does need to be present at the show to win**
**OLA Radio Host/CoHost Not Eligible for prize package**

This contest is for OLA Members Only.

Great offer, eh? I thought so! So here is my submission...
(I'll be watching and waiting to see yours!)

Parrothead Expandable Hat in Colorful Honeycomb Style Parrot Features

This fun hat has parrot features!
It is unisex, bowler shaped,
and will expand to fit almost any head.
Composed of durable paper, in honeycomb style,
this headwear is multi colored, in a stripe pattern.
The front reveals a bird's eyes and beak.
(I think this is definitely a parrot!)
The back reveals tail feathers in yellow, purple and blue.
A must for any Parrothead!
Be the life of the party in this unisex design hat!

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