Heading to the eCommerce Summit in Las Vegas

The 2010 eCommerce Summit kicks off in Las Vegas next week! Opening Tuesday evening, April 13th, with a reception at the Harley Davidson Cafe, this year's event promises to be an exciting learning experience.

I am fortunate to be representing Online Auction at the Summit! OLA is my home, and I am looking forward to not only promoting the site, but gathering information on all the current advancements and opportunities in eCommerce that I will be able to share with OLA members.

Joining me at the Summit is MetzyMom. I am really grateful to have a friend in tow... someone who exudes a positive attitude, a quest for learning, an adventurous spirit, and shares the same unwavering belief in OLA that I do.

Did you hear that we get to meet 3 more OLA friends in Las Vegas? How fun! It turns out that Curiocache will be vacationing in Las Vegas during the same time, and DustyCorners is close enough to drive over for a luncheon. We decided to meet up at Rio, where we'll find BlafStore, who is arranging to have lunch with us before he has to start work for the day. Go team! We'd love to welcome other members to our little OLA party, so if you're near Las Vegas on April 13th, be sure to contact one of us and meet us for lunch!

My store remains open during my trip... the Fleapirate Princess, as my daughter, Emily, is known, will be ready to invoice, fill and ship any orders that may come in during my absence, so don't hesitate to shop at Fleapirates Plunder next week! She's a great helper, and committed to Customer Service, so stop by and say hello!

Look for real time event updates on my Facebook profile, and more news and information when we return! Until then, happy selling, happy shopping and best wishes for a fantastic week!

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maggiemaybecrafty said...

Have fun flea. Wish I could be there.