How To Take A Good Photo!

How To Take A Good Photo, the newest video release from Fleapirates, has hit YouTube! Inspired by our friendly OnlineAuction.com Customer Support Representative, Renee, this video touches upon basic tips, such as using the macro setting on your camera for detailed close-ups and including plain backgrounds for image quality.

In the past, I've relied heavily on my daughter, Emily, for inspiration, technical advice and video creation when preparing videos related to sales events and OLA. I'm a PC... and proud to admit that past videos were all created using Windows Movie Maker for XP. I loved 'em!

Today, however, Emily was able to film, create and edit this video using her new MacBook and iMovie software. She was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy, fast and fun making videos on iMovie is! Seems like there are even more fun tools! Yep, I'm jealous...

These tips are for everyone, not just folks taking auction photos, so please take a moment, watch and learn, and let my theater-student entertain you!

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