Christmas in July at OnlineAuction.com

Now that the U.S. temperatures have left us sweltering, and the heat indexes are rising, the thought occurred to me this week that it was the perfect time to remember cooler, refreshing and jollier pursuits. Unseasonal? Perhaps, but how about Christmas?  So, unofficially, of course, I am declaring it Christmas in July at OnlineAuction.com

Close your eyes, smell the cookies baking, the scent of fresh pine boughs, feel the sprinkling of snowflakes on your face and the goosebumps sending shivers up your spine from the first winter chill. Recall the magic, the excitement of family and friends during the holidays. Feel better? Thought so. Now it's time to shop.

Valerie Fain mentioned the word sleepers on Facebook this week. Sleepers, for antiquists, are those rare finds that you stumble upon at a flea market, an antique shop, or an estate sale... you know the ones. They're under-priced and over-looked, and you just know that snapping up that treasure is your coup d'etat for the week! Let me tell you, the off-season is when sleepers prevail.

I spoke of Christmas in July on Twitter this week. I admit it... I love Twitter! Where else can you talk randomly, (in 140 characters or less), and have people listen, not to mention, respond? My Twitter habit during the work week has become to choose a theme for the day, usually pertaining to an item I've got in my store. Then I expand on that, by featuring items from other sellers in the same genre. It's been really fun browsing OLA every morning! Boy, have I come across some interesting auctions and some sleepers.

For sure, I try to retweet some of the people I follow, and give credit to newsletters I receive which have interesting content. You have to mix it up at Twitter. Send personal greetings - comment on the news - talk sports. Shoot, you're probably all tired of hearing me rave about the Chicago White Sox by now, but just wait until the Green Bay Packers gear up for the season! The point is, variety is the spice of Twitter, and this week I featured a spicy variety of holiday related items. Care to join me for a few more?

At Supergranny's, you can find this New Box of 18 Christmas Cards Santa in Pool Reindeer on Golf Course. So cute, and priced at only $1.50! Very reasonable shipping costs make this a real bargain! (And she's one of my favorite sellers!)

This beautiful set is from NightWings! A never used set of Lenox Winter Greetings Everday 16 Piece Set Dinnerware NIB Plates/Salad plates/Bowls/Mugs, valued at $300! Can be yours for only $160, plus shipping and handling.

This is a JIM SHORE SANTA-NORTH STAR EXPRESS CHRISTMAS TRAIN #4011073, offered at auction by Linman. Bidding starts at an incredibly low price of $59.99!

Boy, is he cute! This FITZ AND FLOYD CHRISTMAS CANDY JAR is available at the store of PWittsStuff, for only $24.99. And guess what? Free shipping! What a deal!

And this lovely Bing and Grondahl Denmark 1980 Christmas in the Woods Bell can be found in Spock100's store. This seller has over 200 holiday items listed in their very well stocked store. I feature this store on Twitter quite a bit - love their merchandise!

Have I tempted you enough? Go to OnlineAuction.com and type the word Christmas into the search bar. As of this writing, there are 1660 Classic and Fixed Price listings for your browsing pleasure! And while you're there, don't forget to stop by and check out the holiday items at Fleapirates Plunder, too!

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