5 sets of Studio Hummel Ornaments

FleaPirates Plunder is bringing her blog back to life with a test. (Yes, I know, it's been months since I've had something to say!) You all know that I am an OLA gal. Actually I've been exclusively listing at OLA for over 4 years now! Wow! But I read an interesting article the other day, about the competition, eBay. In this article, (or what I call a bundle of fluff), the author is attempting to convince the reader that it is feasible to earn $10,000 in a year, selling your treasures on eBay. Really?

The comments section is the most telling. There you will find a score of folks who have been there, done that and disagree with the author vehemently. So I thought, "Why not give it a try?" I'm in possession of 5 sets of Studio Hummel Ornaments, which are in like-new condition and highly collectible. This is the perfect opportunity to see if eBay still has a buying audience.

The ornaments are made by Berta Hummel. All the boxes are dated 2004, although 2 sets have ornaments which are signed 2003. With the exception of a single ornament, all come with COA's and original boxing and packaging.

I've researched these ornaments extensively. Some sell as complete sets, which I prefer, keeping the set intact. Others sell individually, with select ornaments fetching some mighty impressive values, I might add! Taking all this information into account, I settled on an opening bid of $34.65 for each set, with a shipping cost of $5.35, bringing a total investment, for one set, to $40. (Combined shipping is available at FleaPirates, of course!)

Now for those of you who are saying, What the heck is she thinking?, I must admit this fact... I paid absolutely zero in listing fees. I was shocked, never expecting that small windfall. Apparently, if you are listing in Classic Auction formats, eBay now allows you to list 50 items, (without "the extras"), at no cost to you. If they sell, I must pay a Final Value Fee.

If they don't sell, they'll eventually arrive at my standby, and favorite listing place, FleaPirates Plunder at OLA. I've got lots of great items listed there already... you should go take a peek!

In the meantime, I'd really love to have tons of folks browse those Studio Hummel Ornaments at eBay. It would sure be fun to find out just what the Final Value Fees have become since I left in 2008. Just click on the Set # below to visit the auction... the ornaments are real treasures!

Set #26
Dolly and Me
Hold Me Tight
A Helping Hand

Set #27
Holiday Errand
Wrapped with Love
Bundles of Holiday Cheer

Set #28
Special Christmas Greetings
Sneaking Christmas Treats
Christmas Lullaby

Set #29
Quiet Thoughts
A Shiny Christmas Apple
Holiday Anticipation

Set #30
Christmas Prayers
Christmas Train
A Story for Christmas


chateycathey said...

What an awesome blog. I love hummels and also norman rockwell plates. Thanks for a good read with awesome pictures. CC

Aesthetics48 said...

Nice job on the post and it appears that some of your sets sold to. I've had to do the same thing too.

Fleapirates said...

Yes, out of 5 sets, I only have 1 set left!

I've reduced the price, so we'll see...