Christmas 2008 and OLA

This week's blog is about a project that I've been working on for several months. You see, I have this friend who was very supportive when I told her that I was going to move my auction business to a new site. It was scary to try something new, yet she was always a source of understanding & motivation! So, I wanted to do something special for her this holiday season... something to show her how happy I was at OnlineAuction.com, and how many great sellers I have met and dealt with. So here it is! And without further adieu, a note of thanks to all the sellers for offering such great products at fantastic prices!

The theme is "lavender".

Inside this cute basket she found:

2 bars Lavender scented Goat Milk Soap, from metzymom

1 Glass Nail File, from cshort0319

1 pair purple swarovski pewter earrings, from 15gnomes

1 Twist of Fate car charm, from draggontagger

2 handmade hanging towels, also from draggontagger

1 purple glass cylindrical vase, from supergranny

filled with lavender scented bath bombs, from celestial_sensations

1 lavender scented reed diffuser, from abargain4you

1 Amy Brown Postcard, Music for the Butterflies Fairy, from thefabricstash

She was thrilled!

I must tell you, most of these items were purchased during
The Wednesday Wave,
which is a fun, seller sponsored, weekly game on OLA.
Check it out, along with other fun OLA events, here:

And don't forget to visit the listings of these fine sellers...
all their names are clickable links,
& I can personally recommend their product quality
& excellent customer service!

So, the holiday season is upon us!
I hope you all have a blessed week!

Next week we'll feature another round of
Name That Seller!

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Supergranny said...

Flea, I am very impressed - you are so organized & clever. I just did a new post on my blog about getting organized - that's pretty funny - here I am posting on yours & I should be cleaning house....

Have a blessed Holiday!!!