This is a fun way to test your "smarts" about OLA sellers!
And a great chance for new people
to meet some of OLA's members.

I'll post a photo of something for sale,
with a short description, info, or a hint or two...
to see if you guessed correct, just click on the photo!

Be sure to let me know how many you got right!
(Bragging rights to the winner!)

The cleanest seller on OLA! Also sells hats, books & miscellaneous goodies!

This seller is a treasure hunter! Never know what plunder you might find at this OLA house!

Quality craftsmanship & great customer service are standards in this store. All hand made by this pair of store owners!

This store's name makes you think all about sewing, but you'll find much more than her creative &
homemade notions in her listings!

This great-grandma has a store packed full of new, vintage, collectible, & antique items!

This cave is full! And thanks to her Dad, the owner is able to offer hand-tooled leather accessories like this!

This seller knows first hand how important it is to support the American Diabetes Association! She has several opportunities to do so in her store, along with other great items for sale!

This seller offers a wide array of designer apparel & accessories at fabulous prices!

This lady is well-known for her fudge, but check her store for other goodies, as well!

This married couple always offers great deals! Talk to them about advertising!

This seller makes beautiful jewerly! He doesn't visit the chats much, but I promote him every chance I get... see these earrings? I have 'em in RED!

This seller just returned from a two week hunting expedition! He's fun to have around, (just ask all the OLA ladies), and he tells a good story! Plus, he's got GB Packer stuff, so he's a keeper! :)

So, how did you do?

For any newbies out there, this is just a small sample of the
friendly folk you'll find at http://www.onlineauction.com
It's free to buy there,
and only $8 a month to sell,
so please stop by, look around, & introduce yourself!

Any current OLA members who are interested in being featured
on an upcoming edition of FleapiratesPlunder,
please let me know!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


1 comment:

Supergranny said...

Flea, I did pretty well - Metzy, you, RoyalTreasures, Fabulous12345, MNAZ, abargain4u, draggon tagger, oh, heck, I hate this lousy memory I have. I think I got one more but it went off into space!!! They're probably not in order. What a clever idea - do somthin else - that's fun:)