Check out Seller's Arena!

Today's OLA Tuesday Tidbit
comes from MetzyMom!

Metzy and I had a nice talk the other day
about the different kinds of ways OLA sellers
can promote their stores and their items.
There's quite a few options, actually,
and I wonder how many people are taking advantage of them?

One of my favorites is Oodle.
You've all heard me tout the benefits of
copying and pasting your items to Oodle!
And I am often posting a variety of places
to add your store links, such as:
and INeedHits.

But today, let's take a look at Seller's Arena!
I admit, I became a member there some time ago,
and I have not, to date, used it to it's potential.
Just this week, I made my first blog there.
Yes! They offer blogs! Sunglasses Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
And according to Metzy, the blogs she has posted
have had very good search engine results!

In addition, Seller's Arena offers a forum,
where you can meet & chat with other sellers,
from a variety of venues.

They have an Arcade,
which is filled with fun games!

They just upgraded their Link Directory,
where you can place a link to your store.

And they showcase a place to offer your wares,
directly to other Seller's Arena members.

It's time for me to put a little more time
into this valuable site...
won't you join me?

The Wave - Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

And I'd like to remind everyone
of all the great things that are
happening at OLA!

The QA Sale is ongoing.
Enter the letters QA into the search engine at OLA,
to find pages of items, starting at bids of only .25 cents!

The Scavenger Hunt is now taking sign-ups!
First Prize is $100 in Auction Credits,
courtesy of OnlineAuction.com.

The Wednesday Wave is tomorrow night.
Bargains abound!

And don't forget to tune into
Thursday night, at 8pm CST!

Fleapirates Tuesday Treasure:

Decorative Plate - Made in Japan

Only $1.29 on Classic Auction!
Click HERE to view the details.
Or click HERE to visit my store!


Anonymous said...

I will check out sellers arena. Glad you posted about it because I have never heard of it. I will check it out. Thanks ever so much. Very nice informative, post. :) Ace

Supergranny said...

Too coincidental, I just rediscovered Sellers Arena yesterday and listed my store. I haven't had the time to search out all the crooks and crannies, but I will now - thanks!! See ya at the water cooler..........