OLA Scavenger Hunt is preparing to start!


This is NOT a special sale, but a MONTHLY game!

The BEST part of this game is that it requires NO BUYING!!!
You may buy, but you don't HAVE to!
It will increase visibility, increase views
& has the potential to increase sales.
Think of it as free advertising... with a fantastic PRIZE!!

for scavenging the most items using the clues provided
will be $100 in FREE listing enhancements,
compliments of OnlineAuction.com!

Fleapirates will also give a second place prize for the runner-up,
and everyone who plays and gets at least two clues
right will have their name placed in a drawing for another prize...
a bag of DraggonTurds, courtesy of DraggonTagger!

Sign ups run for 1 week (Mar 8th- Mar 14th)
The game will start on Sunday, March 15th at 2 PM EST,
and run through Sunday, March 22nd at 2PM EST.

The object is to read a clue,
and search through the players' listings
to find the item that matches the clue.

You won't know WHICH clue goes with which player
until you look through all of their listings
AND there may be some trickery by someone
buying some things as they find them
(because they THINK they have the right item)
so that you can't find them!

The player with the most correct items
by the end of the game wins!
In case of a tie,
the player with the most correct items
who submitted them FIRST is the winner.

Click here to get all the details!

Open to current & new OLA Members!

Examples of clues from other Scavenger Hunts:
Clue: "For this couple Love is not a good thing."
The answer was a pair of Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tennis Figurines, with "love" referring to the term love in tennis.

Clue: "Cinderella's purr-fectly blue shoe."
The answer was a Fenton Colonial Blue Glass Cat Slipper

Don't be shy, give the game a try!


grouchow said...

Nice informative post about what you could win if you participate in the Scavenger Hunt. Mind if I borrow some of your text and link back to you from my blog?

Fleapirates said...

Please do!
And you should joing the game... the TURDS alone are worth the work! :)