OLA Wednesday What-Not!

Sorry OLA folks...
I am a day late in publishing my OLA Tuesday Tidbit!

A darn cold got me down yesterday. Grrrr....Kids are always bringing those things home from school! What do you do when a cold strikes? I reach for the Echinacea!

Echinacea is a genus of nine species of herbaceous plants in the family Asteraceae, commonly called Coneflower. All are strictly native to eastern and central North America. The plants have large, showy heads of composite flowers, blooming from early to late summer. Some species are used in herbal medicines.
(Thanks Wikepedia!)

I prefer the brand Nature Made, as it is easily obtainable at my local drug store!

The important thing to remember about echinacea, is that you should take it at the first sign of illness. And take it for no more than 10 days! It will not prevent you from being sick, but it will lessen the severity of your symptoms.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of echinacea is to brew some tea! The brand Traditional Medicinals offers a number of great tasting, effective teas, including one named Organic Echinacea Plus. (I like Throat Coat, too!)

And now, since I am feeling much better today,
let's talk about the OLA Tuesday Tidbit...
shall we call it the OLA Wednesday What-not?

Last week we talked about the importance of disk clean-up. Cookies and cache. Did you also know that it is imperative to your computer's well being to defragment?

Defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems. It does this by physically organizing the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file close together and contiguously. It also attempts to create larger regions of free space using compaction to impede the return of fragmentation.

This process helps your computer run faster and more efficiently!

Your computer should have a disk defragment utility already installed. Many owner / operators feel that the services that are automatically provided with your computer are slow and lack the ability to perform at optimum capacity. With that in mind, several down-loadable versions are available.
From Rowen, our resident OLA tech guru, is the following recommendation:

Check it out! And remember that defragging, like clearing cookie and cache, is routine maintenance, and should be regularly scheduled based upon your personal usage and needs.

Finally, have you all joined Twitter? If you haven't, I watched a great video on YouTube that you may enjoy... it is a short seminar from Evan Williams, one of the founders of Twitter, and he talks about the many ways in which Twitter is now being used. I highly recommend that you watch it HERE. And be sure to find me on Twitter, under the profile fleapirates!


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grouchow said...

Absolutely good recommendation about disc defragment and clean up. Your whatchmacallit is interesting too. :)

Sunflower Ranch said...

Another GREAT posting, Flea!!! Excellent tips for the puter & natural cold remedies!! :)

Supergranny said...

I'm so sorry you've been bummed out with a cold. Hope you're free and clear SOON!. Neat post with your, as usual, practical useable information. Thanks!!

Fleapirates said...

Thanks for reading, all!
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