Who needs to learn HTML?

You do!

Case in point...
some of our OLA users have recently
had a problem with their chat set-up.
They had been using an html editor,
& suddenly they experienced glitches in their signatures!

courtesy of Rowen, at OLA:

Using an html WYSIWYG editor
does not guarantee good html code.
Also, IE users are more prone to have
a failure in the html area of chat setup.

A member was using an editor that produced poor code
that affected their ability to edit this area while using IE.
(Bad code here can result in the submit button being unavailable in IE.)

1. Learn html code & don't rely solely on the editor.
2. Use fire fox,(it's more stable in this area).

Bottom line:
If you are going to use a tool, any tool, learn the correct way to use it.
After all.....Anything worth doing is worth doing well!

Great advice!
So how do you learn html?
Start with the basics.
In the OLA New Users Chat Forum,
you'll find a variety of threads to help you
learn the basics of not only OLA procedure,
but html, too!
We've got a bunch of helpful users,
like Aesthetics48, who started the discussion.
Others have added information along the way,
& you're welcome to practice in the
OLA Shop Talk Forum.
Don't forget to ask questions, if you've got 'em!

Are you all using Oodle?
Oodle feeds their listings to all the
major search engines, & then some!
This is an excellent way to build
back links for your internet presence.
Ther are sure to be other sites similar to oodle.
Find 'em & use 'em!

And last, but not least,
a nod of recognition to
for earning the title of
OLA'S Seller of the Month!

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Supergranny said...

Ok, cutie - I'm always trying to learn "hotmeal". I would like to know how to get a word - like you have Supergranny - and if you click on it it takes you there.....just how do you do that? then I could link tons of people in my blog to their store...........

Fleapirates said...

I omailed ya, SG! You'll be linking up a storm! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Great Post Pirates..... Many people that sell on the internet need to learn just a little html. It makes so many things easier and much more presentable.
Blushing, thanks for mentioning me. :)