Interviewing Buyers and Sellers, Part 2

Last week I polled my readers, inquiring how many venues they use to sell their wares.

Thank you to all who participated! There were 8 replies and the results are as follows:
1 Venue : 3 sellers
2 Venues : 4 sellers
4 + Venues : 1 seller

I am in awe of the person who voted that they sell at 4+ sites...
this just seems too much to manage, for me anyway!

Per the poll results, it appears that adding a site may be a good investment of time and money. The next obvious question is which venue to add?

Your recommendations will help me, and others, evaluate the options that are available! Please choose the venue that you feel is your overall best performer... the one where you get the most sales, and where things like cost, SEO, community, and customer service combine to bring the greatest success. And yes, those of you who use only one site may certainly vote for yours!

Which venue is your favorite site to sell on?
My Own Website
Atomic Mall
Online Auction
Seller's Arena
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If I missed naming your site, please accept my apologies! I know of more, like Etsy and MyBISI, but size restraints restricted me from using more than ten spots. Please use Other as your choice, and be sure to let me know the name of your choice in the comments section!

I'd also like to know which feature was the most important to you when choosing your site. Was it cost? Customer Service? SEO? A great community? Or a combination of all? Something else? I believe those I mentioned are all equally important, and combined, they are the reason I am such a loyal OnlineAuction.com member.

There's a lot going on at Seller's Arena right now, with the addition of a new Mall. I am already a member there, and must admit that opening a store with them is an enticing idea. I already know they have great SEO, prompt customer service and a friendly, welcoming community. Hmmmm.....

Going back to eBay is not in my plans. If you still sell there, please post your thoughts in the comments section. After all the changes at eBay in the last 1-2 years, I still consider myself a boycotter. I made a purchase there recently, but only because it was being sold by a friend. And from time to time, I pop an item up for sale there, just to keep my account active. (Those items don't even get looked at anymore, and I left with great feedback and stars!) It just amazes me that anyone can make any profits there, after the listing/relisting fees, the Paypal fees and the final value fees. Then there's the worry that your buyer will try to cheat you out of your product, and your money, by being dishonest. Is it really worth it?

Bonanzle's membership appears to be growing at a fast pace. Can anyone comment on their features? One thing I've seen talked about frequently, at all the sites, is the submission of listings to search engines. I do a lot of researching, and am disappointed that I do not see Bonanzle listings coming up in my search results more often. Although they sure are talked about on Twitter!

The other sites in the poll I do not know much about, but I'd love to learn. I'm hoping that we all can develop an appreciation for ALL the sites, learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and show support and respect for sellers on EVERY site. Thanks for your continued participation!


Supergranny said...

I use BISI as they automatically submit all listings to Google base and submit every new item to twitter. There have been changes there so I'm hanging in to see if sales increase.

Sellers Arena sounds interesting. I have had a bunch of sales at OLA from NEW 0 FB buyers lately and am encouraged. My items are coming up on Google first page, much improved.

Thanks for your efforts, you're a great little pirate:)

Fleapirates said...

Thanks, SG!

Oh, I like that about MyBISI submitting new listings to Twitter! Nice feature!

And I seem to get quite a few new buyers at OLA, too. Now if I could just get them to leave feedback! LOL! At least they're coming and buying.

grouchow said...

I took your poll. I just like ola because there is an auction format. I am a casual seller so I don't see much point trying to run another site.

Hidden_Treasures1 said...

I think your subject matter here is very interesting and thought provoking. I reread the pole to come up with a twist on my answer. Which DO I prefer selling on? I have to say OLA and which still makes me more money even after fees? I have to say ebay. Which makes me happy to sell at and in a more relaxed..Dang woman get that invoice out! Get to that post office! Better get Delivery Confirmation on Your own exspence to save your tush! I would have to say HANDS DOWN>>> OLA.COM is my preferred. I am also thinking of a sellersarena store when they open the new mall. 3 site? can she do it? Yikes! LOL Thanks for doing this Flea!
Your friend, Sherrie