Interviewing Online Buyers and Sellers, Part 1

Anyone who regularly reads my blog knows that I am an online seller. Right now I am happily peddling my treasures at OnlineAuction.com. In the past year, thanks to my membership there, I've learned html, SEO, social networking, and self promotion, in addition to meeting a whole bunch of super nice folks, many of whom I am proud to call new friends.

I am a buyer, too! Most sellers are buyers, I believe. It's about being comfortable online... and those who are, in my opinion, are more likely to use the internet as a tool for all of their needs.

Let's face it though... times are tough, for buyers and sellers. So, with that thought in mind, I would like to take an informal survey and find out what the rest of the online world is up to. Each week we'll explore a new topic and build upon it in the weeks following. I encourage you to participate, both by taking the poll and leaving a comment! And I thank you for the discussion that I am sure will follow.

First. let's start talking to the sellers. Let's preface the discussion by admitting that sales are down everywhere. From my experience, long gone are the days when I could post a product for sale on my venue of choice and sit back, waiting for the bids/sales to arrive. It's taking a lot of dedication just to stay active and motivated. Do you agree?

My first poll touches on a subject of great interest to me. I know of several people who maintain stores at multiple venues. They spend an enormous amount of time going between the sites, and those who I know are handling the pressure well. I haven't expanded yet, (OLA is my top priority), but it sure is tempting to consider adding a venue to what I am already doing! If you are a multiple site seller, do you think that choice has been a positive one for your business?

In regard to listing at multiple sites, (for those who do), if you had a single item, would you offer it at each location and remember to remove it from the other venues when it gets a bid or a sale at one place? Or do you believe that certain wares are better suited to specific sites and prefer to offer your items in categories which are based upon complimenting the strengths of each individual venue? For me, if I decide to take on another venue, I would prefer to have items unique to each location, just to avoid any confusion or potential disappointments for my buyers.

So tell me...
On how many sites do you offer product for sale?
Five or more
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Supergranny said...

I only have 1 other venue I list at - BuyItSellIt - and I have a few items at BISI that are not listed at OLA. I just remember to check the other venue when I sell something. 2 I have managed - 3 would be tooooo much for this pea brain of mine to keep track of......