Interviewing Buyers and Sellers, Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 of Interviewing Buyers and Sellers, I spoke primarily to online sellers, asking thought provoking questions such as, On how many venues do you offer product? and What's your favorite venue?

Hopefully, this started you thinking about your own options! Soon we'll discuss things like SEO and social networking, but first let's look at the results of my last poll regarding favorite venues.

I must admit that I expected OnlineAuction.com to rank high, as I am already a member there and pray that I have a following of readers from that venue. I was not disappointed, as OLA took 3 votes! Seller's Arena followed with 2 votes, and the three venues which had single votes were Atomic Mall, eBay and "My Own Website". Thank you all for participating!

Surprisingly, there were no votes for Bonanzle! I sure hope that means that their sellers were too busy packaging product for shipping! One thing I have learned about Bonanzle, that I really like, (and commend them for), is that they have a button to tweet your items, (on Twitter), while you are listing them. BuyItSellIt offers this also, and I think we'll see more and more venues adding this feature, don't you?

As for me, I've already made arrangements to have a new mall store at Seller's Arena. As soon as their testing is complete, and stores are available, Fleapirates Plunder will be expanding. It's rather exciting, and I am looking forward to managing 2 venues!

For this week's poll, I'd like to address the
buyers! Your answers to my poll will lead us into our next discussion about SEO strategies. I am curious as to how everyone searches for products. Let's say you want to purchase a gift, and you know exactly what you want. For the example we will use an iPhone... that's a popular buy. (Not in MY field, but it should work for this purpose!) Where do you look first?

Where do you search the internet for specific items?
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Thanks again, my readers! I hope you all had a safe, relaxing and enjoyable Memorial Day!
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Sunflower Ranch said...

Flea, another great post! I am interested in using Twitter for more than chit-chat. I just might sign up! :) I look forward the results of your poll. :D

Anonymous said...

Ms 'flea'... nice going as always. I voted for my main search, but I do yahoo and ask for other things. I think I've mentioned before that at my store I can find where my searches are coming from by time period, day, hour which keywords brought them there and from where. I'm looking forward to seeing what your results are.
I believe I'd also like to open a store on SellersArena and am waiting to see how things are progressing. Pat

Supergranny said...

I would say I check out OLA and, yes, even ebay, then google.

As a buyer I look for COMPLETE description and product info, LOTS of pictures, an approx shipping price. Reviews are also much desired if it is a high ticket item.

Online venues like OLA, ebay, bonanzle, etc still have alot of people that show an exorbitant shipping price for an item that I know is just a few ounces. If I get bit once I will never buy from that seller a 2nd time.

Thought provoking post, thanks, flea!!

Fleapirates said...

Thank you ladies! I gotta say, I always check OLA first! :) Then I Google things.

If we get an idea of how people search, it may help us in focusing upon areas of SEO.

Pat, that's a nice tool you have on your website! Wish we could see something like that on our auctions! You will be a good person to ask questions about keywords and such.

And SG, you are absolutely right... if someone is gonna blatantly overcharge me on shipping, I go elsewhere. It's the whole package that counts, not just the item's purchase price.

Sunflower, we're gonna get you on Twitter yet! ;) It's FUN!

Sunflower Ranch said...

Flea! I love your blog! You have an award waiting for you at Sunflower Ranch:


Congratulations! :D

PS: LOL me on Twitter! I'm afraid the day is fast approaching you will be absolutely correct! LOL As long as you're saying it's fun -- well then I might get hooked!! :)

Anonymous said...

I use IE explorers Live search 70 percent of the time and the other 30 copernic search.

You have to be careful with twitter about spamming and I just recently heard that they might be considering small costs. I don't know if it is rummor or not?!