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Do you have musicians in your family? Boy, I sure do... my kids! It started when they were toddlers, and much to my delight, music has stayed with them through the teenage years. They've developed an appreciation for all styles of music, and with that goes a curiosity and desire to explore the possibilities of creating music with various instruments.

We've had maracas, zylophones, an assortment of drums, (the djembe is the favorite), a violin, a piano, a recorder, and various guitars, just to name a few! Right now, my oldest child is an accomplished bass guitar player, playing in a local band, and is working to make a career in the music field.

Naturally, I keep an eye on what great deals are available online for music lovers and enthusiasts. While I am not always in a position to buy instruments or accessories, I love to browse, (and I've certainly bought a good share)! I've met some great people while doing business at OnlineAuction.com, and today I'd like to talk, once again, about one of my favorite members.

Bryant, from Build-A-Box, loves to buy, re-build and re-sell guitars. A true musician, he thrives on the hunt, puts his heart into the re-build, and prides himself on offering quality instruments to even the most discerning players. He offers other things for sale at OLA, as well, (like the computer tablet that I gifted last Christmas), but if you talk for any length of time with Bryant, you'll know that music is his passion. Last holiday season he even worked with me to find just the right gift for my bassist son, from ProTools, who was thrilled to receive a set of books which are teaching him how to create and operate a recording studio on his computer!

This kind of personalized service, with thoughtful communication, great products, excellent pricing, and affordable, fast shipping is exactly why I watch Bryant's auctions on a regular basis. I wanted to feature him today for this reason, and because he's got the coolest Custom Fender Stratocaster listed right now! You gotta see it!

Isn't the just the most beautiful guitar you've ever seen?

Luthier made, hand turned, birds eye maple neck.

Custom Luthier hand wound pickups.

Period correct tuners.

Flawless shaping.

Original bridge and blue paisley floral finish.

And the kicker? Best offers considered!

He's the expert, so click HERE and read all about this offer!

Browsing his store, you'll also find two other really nice guitars. I'll post the pictures and the titles, just to give you a little teaser! You click on the title to view the details.

G&L S-500 Premium Tribute Tri-Burst 06 Swamp Ash Body

Godin Performance Series

All you guitar folks have fun, and don't forget to stop by Fleapirates Plunder, too!

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Supergranny said...

I am impressed with your knowledge of the once humble guitar. Bryant of Build-a-box is definitely willing to help. Very impressive post!!