Searching OnlineAuction.com

Did you know that there are numerous ways to find the great bargains available at OnlineAuction.com? From Antiques to Video Games, and from Verified Sellers to Founding Members, if you know how to search correctly, that can't live without item is easy to locate. Let's take a peek at the various options... I'll bet there is one you haven't used before!

The Search Bar on the OLA Home Page:
  • Enter your search criteria and search ALL CATEGORIES.
    This is the broadest search, and will give you results that match any and all of the word(s) you designate.

  • You may also set this search bar to show results in a specific category, by using the drop-down menu to change the words ALL CATEGORIES to your category of choice.
Advanced Search:

Advanced Search offers you the opportunity to set parameters. You may enter as much information as you like, and the more specific your request, the more specific the results will be. They are useful to search other people's auctions, as well as your own! Here is a brief synopsis of what they search fields will accomplish for you:
  • The Search Phrase is where you place the words describing any specific item you are searching for.

  • If you know the auction number, enter it into the Auction # field for a fast way to get directly to the listing.

  • The Categories field allows you to choose a single category to search.

  • The TYPE field gives you the option to view only certain types of listings, (Classic, Fixed Price, Dutch, Absolute or Sealed).

  • The SORT option is a drop-down menu which will display the results according to the method you choose. Try them all!

    Price Lowest First / Price Highest First is a great tool for researching the prices of your competitors, or to see if an item you are interested in is in a reasonable price range as compared to other sellers.

    Bids Lowest First / Bids Highest First is especially useful if you are researching a product that has multiple listings and you'd like to see the amount(s) of bids that have been placed.

    Ending First / Ending Last is one I use quite often. When featuring an item in the chat forum, under Interesting Auctions of the Week, I usually choose the ENDING LAST sort option, so that I can quickly pick an item which has plenty of time left for maximum viewing on the thread!

    Title Descending / Title Ascending will alphabetize the listings for you.

    Auction ID Descending / Auction ID Ascending is a great way to check your own listings! Use the Descending tool to sort auctions from newest to oldest, and the Ascending tool to sort from oldest to newest.

  • On a budget? You may also set a price range, and peruse only those listings which fall within your boundaries.

Advanced Search also allows you to search by seller and by bidder.

  • Do you know the name of the member and wish to see what they have for sale? In addition to using the Advanced Search link, you can click on Member Search and enter their user-name. This will bring you to their Feedback Record, where you can click on View All Member's Auctions, (if they are a seller), or Ask A Question, which will initiate an omail to the member.


  • Another way to get to see a certain member's listings is to click on their name, either in the chat forum or on any OLA page. This will also bring you to the member's Feedback Record.

  • When accessing someone's listings through their Feedback Record, you will be taken to an OLA Search Page, which will highlight all of that member's active listings. You can sort through their products by using the grey Search These Results box that is located on the right of your screen. The functions work similarly to the Advanced Search options.

  • Verified Sellers do not have a store. You may recognize that a seller is a Verified Seller by looking for a key icon located next to their name. The easiest way to search products that a Verified Seller offers is to use the grey Search These Results box detailed above.

  • Founding Members have a store. You may recognize that a seller is a Founding Member by looking for a set of gold wings located next to their name. The easiest way to search products that a Founding Member offers is to access their store directly. Do this one of two ways:

    1.) Enter the url into your browser's address bar. It will read the same for each seller, changing only the name at the end. See below! (The green text will be changed to feature your intended seller.)

    2.) Click to enter any one of the auction listings in the OLA search results. You will find a store link under the Details, Shipping and Payment box at the top right, (look for a house icon). You will also see the words See all My Auctions at My OLA House at the bottom of the listing. Click either of these links and go right to their storefront! Categories are located on the left of the store.

NOTE: If any seller has not yet organized their store categories, please contact me for assistance! You can also contact either Rowen or Renee at OLA by omail or by calling 800-900-2828.


Sunflower Ranch said...

Flea!! This is simply EXCELLENT!!! You've broken it down into easy to read chunks of info that should help any person -- new user or old hand -- at navigating OLA with ease! Thank you so much for posting this perfect explanation. Love your graphic, too! :D

Fleapirates said...

Thank you, SF!

I hope it is beneficial to all!

I'll be posting it in the OLA Chat Forum soon, too!

Anonymous said...

If OLA hasn't adopted you by now as their How to " writer, and promoter, they's better grab you up pretty soon. I'm a buyer member there and what you say in one page is such a help to the new buyer as well as the seasoned buyer. Other sites could use a page like this, another business side line?

Fleapirates said...

Wow, Pat, thank you! Now I am blushing!

I hope you found at least ONE tip that you didn't know before! If so, then it was all worth it.

Anonymous said...

I always do find something new! ...and thank you, again.