July 1st Kicks Off the OLA Team Blog Challenge!

July 1st kick off the OLA Team Blog Challenge! Here we are, at the start of 30 days of committed blogging, intended to rev up the SEO of all participants. I'd like to issue a big welcome to our newest members, SunflowerRanch, Curiocache and KidatHeart10, who have already gotten into the swing of posting on our blog. Kudos to you!

There is always room for more bloggers on our team, so I hope many more OLA sellers decide to join in the fun and take charge of advertising their own businesses! Those who have questions are encouraged to contact either myself, (Fleapirates), StubsInc, MetzyMom, Aesthetics48, or SunflowerRanch. Any of us would be happy to help you get started, get motivated, learn blog techniques, and reap the rewards of consistent blogging!

Another way to get information would be to attend the Team Blog Webinar that will take place this coming Monday, July 6th, at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 6pm PST. It will be held in the LIVE CHAT room that you will find on the right sidebar of the OLA Team blog. Just click the button, and be sure to enter your OLA username, as "guest" questions will not be acknowledged.

And finally, I'd like to shout a huge Welcome Back to one of my favorite sports card dealers, Cardmanlou1, who has just returned to OLA! He is such an inspiration to me and other sellers, and we're all glad to see him back listing product and active in the chat forum. Do you know I, (jokingly), tried to race him on listing auctions today? At last count, I had hit 84 and he was still going at 532. WOW! In one day! Everyone stop by his store, check out all those items and welcome him back to our OLA family!

In Lou's honor, here's one of my latest baseball card listings:

1995 Upper Deck MINORS Scott Rolen # 78 Phillies Top Prospect

Click the title to visit the listing!

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Supergranny said...

Well, nuts, I just commented on this at the OLA Team Blog...but hey, what's a few more words...I have so many that I can 'afford' to spew a few more about!! Thought for the day 'Blog and Comment Often'!!