How long is too long to wait for an order placed?

How long is too long to wait for an order placed?

I am pondering the answer to this question today. How many of you order from favorite vendors online? Being an online seller myself, I am very comfortable placing orders online, and do so often. Usually I am buying from a seller at my favorite site, OnlineAuction.com, but I also place orders from my favorite stores, like Barnes and Noble, Victoria's Secret and Nuts Online. All three of those stores, by the way, have excellent customer service and very speedy shipping!

What I would like your help with today is defining the standard of customer service expected from a small business owner who is either selling at their own website or selling at a venue like OnlineAuction, or other similar sites, like eBay, Etsy, Bonanzle, etc.

With my own store, I pride myself on fast shipping. The standard for me is next day shipment, meaning your item goes to the Post Office within 24 hours of receipt of cleared payment. Sometimes, I am fortunate enough to get payment early enough in the day that I can manage a same day shipment! Rarely do I need more time to get things prepared for shipment, and if I do, it is always accompanied by some sort of online communication explaining the delay.

What are your standards, as a seller? Please let me know by participating in the poll below!

When I sell an item, my standard shipping practice is:

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As a buyer, my expectations are a bit more lenient. Two weeks from the date I paid is not unacceptable for me to wait for a package. If it arrives earlier, than I am pleasantly surprised. (That happens often!) Anything longer than two weeks, and I feel forgotten. After three weeks, I am beginning to think about contacting you for confirmation, or maybe beginning the chargeback process. How about you? Tell me your buyer's standards in the poll below!
As a buyer, I expect my order to arrive:

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Perhaps these polls will encourage sellers to re-evaluate their current shipping practices. Good customer service is the greatest thing we can provide to our clients, in addition to outstanding products, so let's all remind ourselves to maintain a high level of customer service. Our buyers put their trust in us... they expect, and deserve, our committment to excellence and a satisfactory buying experience!

And buyers, please remember to pay promptly, check your messages for communication from us, and remember to allow ample time for our shipping services to get the order to you! Oh, and don't forget to leave appropriate feedback, if you've purchased at a venue that offers feedback for sellers. Our reputation is important!


Aesthetics48 said...

I love your little poll! Very clever. And, yes, I like good communication if there will be a delay in shipping. Communication in the online selling world is upper most to me. :)

Supergranny said...

I am in complete agreement with regards being a seller. I will always mail within 24 hours and if not will advise the buyer when it will be shipped.

As a buyer, I try to pay very rapidly and I expect the same steller service from other sellers. If there is a REASON for a delay, just let me know, I am very understanding. Please don't make ME query YOU as to when or if my purchased merchandise will be mailed. Communication is absolutely key.

Thanks for broaching this topic...

maggiemaybecrafty said...

Yeah, I concur. I almost always ship within 24 hours but if I can't I keep my buyers informed.

As a buyer, I normally pay very quickly but I'm usually not in a hurry to receive the items I purchase, but I like communication from the seller if there will be a delay of more than a few days.

To me communication is vital as superG said. If I am informed, I don't get upset unless I think I'm getting stonewalled.