Listing Plunder from the What Cheer Flea Market in Iowa!

It's been two weeks since we plundered Iowa,
and I am finally getting some of those treasures
listed for sale at OnlineAuction.com!

I am slow at listing,

because I easily get distracted with other fun stuff,
like decorating my store for Halloween,

making videos of our trip,
and playing on Twitter!

Here are some photos of my newest listings!
Just click on the title below the pic to visit my auction.

Remember to buy vintage!


Supergranny said...

Those are beautiful items...all would make wonderful Christmas gifts. Vintage items are always best.

Fleapirates said...

Thanks, SG!

I think my favorite is that amber decanter with the six cordial glasses! Wouldn't that look nice in a holiday basket, right next to a bottle of Jack??? Hehehe!

Or the hobnail relish dish, filled with holiday candy...

I must be ready for Christmas! :o

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