Bookmark It!

At OnlineAuction.com, we've got a bookmark button. It is similar to eBay's Watch List or Internet Explorer's Favorites list. This is a feature I use all the time, even if I don't end up buying the item. Do you use bookmarks?

We've also got a Favorite Sellers list, but I have to admit that I don't use it much. If you list an item that interests me, you are suddenly one of my favorite sellers!    And if our previous transactions have all been pleasant ones, you're likely to reside permanently on my "mental" list of favorite sellers. I have a good memory! I am also not the least bit nervous about purchasing from sellers who are new to me. What better way to make a new acquaintance?

But back to Bookmark It!

At any given time, I have 2 - 3 pages of bookmarked items. Remember when you were a kid and the Sears Christmas Gift Book arrived? My bookmark list resembles my Christmas list from years ago! You knew you couldn't have it all, but it remained on the list anyway. You hoped.

How do I discover all these treasures to bookmark? Well, browsing at OLA is easy! First, sit and watch the Featured Auctions for a bit. There's all kinds of eye candy in that scrolling banner! Then browse the category list, because you just never know what might spark your interest. And last, but not least, keep an eye on the Whats For Sale forum in OLA Chat. Many times I've been lured into an impulse buy, or bookmark, just because the seller featured an irresistible item in chat.

Once you've made a purchase or two, you'll develop a Favorite Seller list of your own, so don't forget to check those stores! OLA Sellers are always adding new merchandise! Have fun and browse... I guarantee you'll find a great buy!

This is probably a mistake, but I'll give you an idea of some items that currently reside on my bookmark list. Fight me for 'em, if you must!

Green Bay Packers Sunglasses Style 2
     ~ from Jerseysnmore

Guitar Player Magazine back issue May 1990
     ~ from Build-A-Box

The Kid's Book of the American Quarter Horse AQHA
    ~ from Curiocache

     ~ from BlueHanahCottage

Fantasy Tree Tealight Holder
     ~ from YawningDawg

American Miniature Case Art by Rinhart Book Photography Antique Frames
     ~ from Supergranny

A nice assortment, wouldn't you agree?   Find your treasure today!

You can always start in my store! Fleapirates Plunder


Supergranny said...

I've got to tell ya you might have to fight over the cashmere wrap! What a bargain. You should highlight your wonderful vintage Owl brooch by Ciner! Now there's a bargain! Thanks!

goldi said...

Great blog Fleapirates. Love reading your stuff.. I am able to post thanks to your hint on accepting 3rd party cookies.. Have a wonderful Sunday...