Shopper's Arena Grand Opening!

Its time to expand!

I am proud to announce the Grand Opening of
Fleapirates Plunder at Shopper's Arena!

Click the banner below to browse all the new stores!

And here is my banner, linked to Shopper's Arena!

Now, my OLA friends... this is just an expansion!
I am not abandoning OnlineAuction.com!
I love OLA! Its my home.

I consider this a positive addition to my SEO plan.

You can find me at either store, this blog,
the OLA Team Blog, or on Twitter,
and, one of these days, I'll add a Facebook page, too!

Each store will have items unique to the venue.
No double listing for me!
Feel free to contact me, or make purchases, at either site.
Sign-ups are easy at both places,
and the communities are awesome!
Or, if you'd like, just ask and I will move product
to whichever of the venues you prefer.

Wish me luck!
Be sure to stop by and grab some deals
at the Shopper's Arena Grand Opening...
and every day values at OnlineAuction.com!

~ Fleapirates Plunder ~


maggiemaybecrafty said...

I wish you much luck on you new venue Flea. I'm on my way to check it out.

Hi, I am TJ said...

Checking into that myself, Flea. Good luck!! tjintx