What's New and Exciting at OnlineAuction.com?

As we wind down from the 2009 Holiday Season, January seems to be a month of resolutions, new hopes and dreams, and the perfect time to take stock of different areas of our lives. So what's new and exciting at OnlineAuction.com? Plenty!

The OLA Team Blog is now actively recruiting new members!
If you would like to learn how to blog, and you are an active seller at OLA, this is a great opportunity. The team members stand ready and willing to offer support in learning blogging techniques. Blogging is fun and rewarding, as many team members have enjoyed the success of selling through direct contact via the team blog. For buyers, regularly following the Team Blog is a great way to stay abreast of new merchandise being featured from some of the finest sellers at OLA.

The Special Sales Events and Weekly Games Chat forum has been a busy place. January's Scavenger Hunt kicked off last Sunday, and was already won! Bingo games seem to stay popular, and while one just ended, I am sure another Game will be scheduled soon. The Wednesday Wave is on hiatus indefinitely, but another game has evolved... the Tuesday Wave, which features an evening long chat, and the sale of $2 items, and looks to be a hit with thrift-conscious members.

The Six Week Stimulus Extravaganza is organized and ready to premiere on January 31st. This event is open to all OLA members, and seeks to bring new buyers to OLA with a large seller-sponsored advertising campaign, while at the same time helping sellers to develop good SEO habits and exposure to social media sources over the course of six weeks. Look for ads on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, as well as word-of-mouth and local advertising during the coming weeks.

So far, 21 sellers have commited to joining this extraordinary event! There is plenty of time left to join, however, and I imagine that by January 31st, that number will grow. Each seller will offer a maximum of 10 "special" items per week, and weeks have been broken down into themes, to make browsing, bidding and buying easy and fun! My last blog post shows the categories that you will find in each week. We hope you'll mark your calendar!

As a teaser for the Extravaganza, here is some info on our hosts! Hosting Week 1, Collector's Week, we have Fleapirates, (that's me!), specializing in estate goods, sale bargains and flea market treasures. Hosting Week 2, Interiors Week, is StubsInc, offering a wide variety of antiques, collectibles, and oddities. Hosting Week 3, Personal Week, is MetzyMom, featuring homemade goat's milk bath soap and spa products and other unique finds. Hosting Week 4, Tech Week, is IceColdSales, where you'll find a little bit of everything, from collectibles, to books, to tools and gifts. Hosting Week 5, Hobby Week, is TJinTX, offering  quality and unique items for everyone, including a terrific selection of new and vintage jewelry. And closing out the sale, hosting Week 6, Splurge Week, is Curiocache, who boasts a treasure trove of sparkling genuine gems and jewelry, books, toys, collectibles, what-nots, bric-a-brac, knic-knacs, whatzits, widgets, oddities, "uniquities" and so much more!

Please take a moment and browse the stores of our hosts and sellers. As of this writing, additional participants are: FleasField, DustyCorners, Bedding4MeGoldi, AdirondackArts, GrammyKay, Sixftrs, Davendeb1178, Crochenlady, Supergranny, Fabulous12345, Aphrodite, Nazgul, Raggy-Lady, and Kidatheart10.

Finally, our charming OLA Customer Support representative, Renee, has been keeping sellers busy with various contests! It started at Halloween, when she challenged everyone to break out the Halloween decorations and dress up their stores. That continued through Thanksgiving, and through the holiday season, and this week Renee has announced a Valentine's Day contest! (There are nice prizes, too!) So get in the spirit and decorate your OLA store!

Don't forget to stop by and see all
the sweet stuff at Fleapirates Plunder!


Supergranny said...

That sure looks like a lot of work for the organizers but I thank you for the great effort.

CurioCache said...

This is a great learning experience!

maggiemaybecrafty said...

SuperG is right, sound like an awfully lot of work for the organizers.