Researching the Waltham Watch Co

One of my favorite aspects of being an Antiques and Collectibles dealer is research. Many times dealers purchase an item merely because it is interesting, and while researching, find a horde of historical background, adding to the item's value and appeal. The majority of my research is done online, and today I am researching the Waltham Watch Co.

One of Fleapirates' fortunate finds was this 8 Day Travel Clock, manufactured circa 1918-1919 from the Waltham Watch Co. For it's age, this clock is in very good condition, both visually and mechanically. What a surprise to find that all the researching I needed to do was covered right inside the Waltham Watch Co website! In my experience, this is unusual, simply because the manufacturers don't make historical data readily available to the general public. Not so with Waltham... their products are so collectible, that they assist you with your quest.

Waltham was established in 1850, in Roxbury, Massachusetts. In 1860, due to the Civil War, Waltham's production was nearly halted. Thanks to the purchase of a Waltham watch, by Abraham Lincoln, Waltham regained popularity and strength. The watch that Lincoln bought currently resides at The Smithsonian Museum! And the Waltham Watch Co, now operating in Switzerland, is still producing fine-quality time pieces today.

The Waltham website has a search to help you find information on a specific watch via the submission of a serial number. They take that a step further, by letting you know which serial numbers fall within certain dates. Your result will even show all the mechanical details, like Grade, Jewels, Balance, and Setting. For inexperienced clock enthusiasts, (like me), they have an easy-to-use glossary, to explain the terms.

The clock I obtained is a standard quality travel / auto clock for that period. It is pendant set, with an open face, and contains 7 jewels, with Breguet Spring balance. The patent and the serial number are still easily deciphed on the clock. It has almost reached antique status! What a treasure!

Of course, now that my research is complete, this fantastic clock is for sale at my store at OnlineAuction.com! It's listed in a Classic Auction format, with bidding starting at $19.99.Stop by for a peek! And tell me what you think of this Vintage Waltham 8 Day Travel Clock!

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