Here Come The Seasons!

 Can you believe it is October 1st already? The annual decorating and celebrating has gotten into full swing at my house... even our trees are finally starting to cooperate and are slowly evolving into beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow! It's one of my favorite times of year. As autumn leaves tumble to the ground, we plunge into Fall. Here come The Seasons!

The local brick-and-mortar businesses are overflowing with festive fall treats and sparkly autumn trimmings, along with lavish amounts of candy that you know we'll all buy, in anticipation of trick or treaters to come. Are you ready?

Online Sellers can get into the spirit, as well! There is already a thread in the OnlineAuction.com Forum, dedicated to showcasing our members' Fall finery. And did you hear about the latest contest at OLA? It's a store decorating contest! Announced only one day ago, and accepting entries until October 30th, this contest has already captured the attention of 6 stores, and will certainly tempt others to join in the merriment.

Start your season off right, by visiting the houses of these stylish sellers!
Jaswood 2

Which one gets your vote?
(No, you don't have to pick mine... hehe! They're all grand!)

All of the fine sellers at OnlineAuction.com are opening their doors to Holiday and Halloween sales! You'll find hundreds of wickedly great deals, on a variety of seasonal merchandise, using phrases like Halloween, Fall, Autumn, Witch, Ghost, and Costume in the search box at OLA. Scary decorations, spooky frills, cute accessories, and downright beautiful accents await you. To entice you, here are a couple auctions that I believe are worth sharing...

This Halloween Candle House with Ghosts, Skeleton and Mummy is featured at my house, (Fleapirates), for a starting bid of only $4.99! Set the mood for Halloween Haunting with a single tealight candle!

This Infant Toddler Pumpkin Hat Stocking Cap Fall Winter Baby is the latest handmade offering from my friend DraggonTagger! While this one is infant sized, look for larger sizes in her store, and be sure to check for other designs, like strawberries and blueberries! Prices start at only $4.

A Sinister Skull With Lantern Halloween is one of my favorite offers from YawningDawg! Attractively priced at $26.95, this is sure to add just the right spirit this Halloween season!

Yes, we've got enchanting jewelry, too! This Vintage Jewelry Charm GHOST Goldtone Halloween can be found at BlueHanahCottage! At only .99 cents, how can you resist?

Here come The Seasons! Happy Fall ~ Happy Halloween ~ Happy Hunting, from all of us at OLA! We hope you'll keep your eye on us, on these treasures, and on all the bargains at OLA, this season and beyond!

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