Paua Mania Triple Twist Pendant

Oh, I love Estate Sales! You just never know what treasures you may find. On a recent expedition, I was fortunate to acquire this stunning Paua Mania Triple Twist Pendant. Of course, it's already for sale at Fleapirates Plunder!

Researching this beauty has been intriguing. Paua Mania began in 1979, in Masterton - North Island, New Zealand. Shortly thereafter, the company moved to the rural town of Carterton. Since 1979, this small company has evolved into 3 divisions of shellcraft artisans, supplying jewelry, gifts and souvenirs worldwide.

Paua is New Zealand's abalone. Abalone are small to very-large sized edible sea snails. Although abalone can be found along coastlines in many parts of the world, the Paua is strictly indigenous to New Zealand. Paua is popular due to it's bright irridescent hues of blue, green and purple

New Zealand has strict policies regarding the collection of abalone, especially for consumption. The Ministry of Fisheries, along with the assistance of the New Zealand police, prosecute offenders who abuse the legal recreational daily limit of 10 pāua per diver with a minimum shell length of 125 mm.

And did you know that it can be dangerous to your health to cut and grind the colorful shells? Special care is taken to protect workers from the dust, which can lead to respiratory and allergic reactions.

Not only one of nature's wonders, this Paua Mania Triple Twist Pendant is New Zealand artistry, as well!

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